Yoga Teacher Training A Transformational Journey

If you are considering a 200-hour yoga teacher training, you might find yourself filled with emotion; both excitement and its shadow—anxiety. These reactions tend to find their way into our thought patterns when new opportunities arise. Teacher training is often a transformational personal journey that opens your heart + mind to a higher level of awareness. Here are our suggestions for getting ready, and some advice to help you along your new path.


Once you've selected a program, read through the offerings and course curriculum or talk to a recent YTT graduate to hear about their experience. We also suggest that you spend time working on your asana practice; this will prepare you for the physical demands of longer classes and will help you remember the names of common poses.

A training is not all testing and introspection. A brilliant part of the process is sharing this experience with like-minded yogis. Practicing in class every day, all day with the same group of people creates a closeness and a comfort level that is irreplaceable. These fellow teacher trainees are a priceless resource for support, inspiration and shared knowledge.

Immersing yourself, whole-heartedly in a new group of people and meeting the physical and mental demands of your training can be a life-altering experience. Your personal transformation may happen quickly or you may need a bit more time to absorb the information and personal growth as you step into the role as a teacher.

The Bread and Butter (or ghee) of a yoga teacher training. Below are a few topics that will be covered in our 200-hour teacher training program:

• Learn to practice and teach a broad spectrum of yoga asanas

• Learn postural alignment, including modifications and variations of common asanas

• Understand the concepts of functional anatomy applied to yoga practice

• Experience and practice different pranayama and meditation techniques

• Discover sequencing strategies to create safe + effective yoga classes

• Practice teach to hone your teaching skills

The training process includes the nitty-gritty—modifying poses, dealing with special populations, sequencing, but this time also leads you to the understanding of what it means to teach and truly live your yoga. Please feel free to reach out to Bhava Yoga Owner and teacher, Jenni Frank if you have questions or would like additional information.