Indoor cycling meets yoga for complete mind-body-wellness practice.

Strength. Cardio.  A real heart-pumping good time, that’s indoor cycling. Blend cycling with the stability, balance, mindfulness and body opening offered in yoga and now we are talking about a complete mind-body-wellness practice.

 Indoor cycling and yoga blend together to create the perfect yin and yang. Both allow you to go inside of yourself in unique ways to find strength and endurance, both require a firm sense of body position and muscle engagement.  

 Just as most asanas require energy igniting from your core; cycling at high RPMs with little resistance requires a solid sense of balance, also stemming from your lower back and core. Reminders from the instructor to lift up from the abdominals and to keep them engaged for maximum support are similar cues found on the yoga mat.


Beyond muscle engagement and position, the most important physical trait cycling and yoga share is the use of breath. In each discipline, breath is king. You lose your breath awareness and all of the sudden we arrive in an anaerobic state; the breath is gone. During intense hill climbs, challenging transitions, big body opening stretches… breath is everything. No matter if you are on the bike or on your mat, keep breathing. It’s easy to be caught up in the moment, sometimes literally with the finish line in sight, but stay true to your breath. Owner of Psycle 9600, Melissa Dasakis shares her mantra “inhale energy; exhale fatigue” no matter the challenge, your breath will provide ease in any situation.  

The personal experience is always unique. In yoga, asanas don't change, yet each time you practice, you have a different experience with them. It's the same with cycling: a flat ride is always flat, but you never have the same ride twice.

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