Dixie chamness bio

dixie chamness - bhava yoga instructor

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Dixie’s passion for yoga began on her own path of self discovery. In an attempt to find relief from pain she discovered the healing powers of yoga and was inspired to spread the wealth through teaching others the benefits of yoga. Dixie has been teaching yoga for more than a decade and continues to approach her practice and teaching with the mind of a student. She continues to seek out new opportunities to learn and expand her knowledge. She is a 200 RYT yoga instructor with 16 years of advanced massage therapy practice. She is continuously refining her skills and knowledge with over 1000 hours of bodywork CEU hours and 400+ hours of Yoga trainings. A lifetime student, embracing the idea that there is always something left to learn.

Dixie has an intuitive approach to class development. She weaves her advanced knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology along with an inspirational theme into each class. Influenced by the concept of Vidyā, or “correct knowledge,” Dixie guides students through a class consisting of purposefully selected meditation, pranayama and asana, allowing exploration of mindful movement and a personal examination of body, mind and spirit, culminating in a clarity of selected asana and theme.