Emily Baughman bio

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Emily Baughman - bhava yoga instructor

Emily’s yoga journey began about 6 years ago from a purely physical workout standpoint. As she progressed in her journey, she began to realize there are countless deeper levels to yoga than previously explored.

During her 200 hour RYT in May, she was able to experience a glimpse into these deeper levels and developed a newfound hunger and passion for all the knowledge available to explore in the yoga world. 

Emily has a beautiful soul geared towards helping others and finds that it is the ultimate gift for a teacher to be able to share this knowledge with as many students as possible. She would like to emphasize that teaching yoga is a special kind of journey that the teacher and student partake in together - growing and learning from each other along the way. Emily is beyond excited to be a part of the wonderful team at Bhava and feels so honored to continue her own journey as a student with her amazing teachers from YTT, Jenni and Kat!

Emily runs the Karma Yogi Program at Bhava and is the assistant manager in the Bhava Boutique.