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Jenni p frank - bhava yoga owner + Founder

Jenni Frank (E-RYT and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist) believes strongly in the physical movement and spiritual thread that is Yoga. Her strong and passionate teachings are a reflection of her personal practice, her life journey, and her belief that at the source of all Yoga is connection. Jenni enjoys teaching strong, movement-based classes infused with detailed alignment, bringing out only the best of her students. Expect her classes to be weaved with intention, movement, breathing and meaning.

Jenni is the owner and founder of Bhava Yoga. The word “Bhava” translates to mean a state of well-being. Jenni believes strongly that practicing Yoga gifts us a greater life and a stronger sense of self. When you walk into her yoga room, you will experience the best of yourself. Jenni has poured her heart and soul into this space, and she is humbled to have the opportunity to share the power of Yoga, connection, community, and what it truly means to be well.

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