leslie glenn bio


Teaching Style: Connection, Intention, Alignment

Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

Favorite Food: Anything and everything seasonal, fresh and healthy.  Yummy Soups and Buddha bowls inspired by the southeast asian cuisine are my obsession of the moment. Sushi, Thai food, coffee and chocolate always make me happy too! 

Favorite yoga pose: It really depends on the day!  Some days call for a fierce arm balance like side crow and other days Lizard Pose or Legs up the wall.  There is also something so simple and perfect about triangle pose that always keeps me coming back again and again. 

Leslie glenn - bhava yoga instructor

Leslie's journey to yoga began as a professional snowboarder. Yoga not only improved her athletic prowess but brought clarity and presence to all parts of her life, it became her anchor - providing balance, connection, radiance as she traveled to snowboard competitions around the world. 

These experiences shaped her journey and heartened her to strive towards the full potentiality of life, to follow her dreams, to revel in moments of everyday magic, to teach yoga.  She blends alignment, breath, creative sequencing and intention steeped in the traditions of Tantra Hatha Yoga to inspire courage, grace, and freedom from her students. 

She is a dedicated student of Rod Stryker and draws from her study of Para Yoga, Tantra Hatha Yoga, and the simple yet profound practices of ayurveda to guide students in an authentic way towards greater health, vitality and connection in all parts of their life.

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