Class Styles 

bhava yoga breckenridge


Vinyasa translates to mean “conscious or intentional movement.” Our vinyasa classes are intelligently crafted by each individual teacher to be creative, progressive, and aligned with the breath, leaving the practitioner with a rich curiosity and unparalleled feeling of potential. Expect each vinyasa class to include warm-up, standing postures, core and spine stability, and of course, sweet stillness and time for reflection and contemplation. We offer three different levels of vinyasa classes, each designed to leave a specific feeling or “bhava” in your mind and body: Ground, Align, & Elevate.



A slower-paced class, often with longer holds to bring about a calm and relaxed feeling in your mind and body. Explore postures that invoke a sense of contemplation, like hip openers, gentle twists and forward folds. In addition to movement, this class may also include soothing breathwork and postures supported by props.

Leave feeling grounded, focused, and calm.

All levels welcome.



A moderately-paced class including creative and dynamic movement designed to be uplifting and stabilizing. Enjoy a well-rounded class that may include balancing postures, moderate twists, backbends and basic arm balances. May also include supportive breathwork and the use of props to enhance access to postures.

Leave feeling uplifted, inspired, and balanced.

All levels welcome. Some experience preferred.


These classes are designed for more advanced practitioners, or those looking to take their practice to the next level. Enjoy an elevating class that may include more advanced arm balances, backbends, twists and inversions. May also include breathwork and the use of props to create a challenging, yet elevating experience.

Leave feeling energized, empowered, and challenged.

Experience preferred.


The ultimate reset! These classes are crafted with stillness and recovery in mind. With the use of props, enjoy supportive postures that allow the mind and body time to sink into rest and digest. These classes include supported reclined and seated poses that gift you time for recovery. Restorative Yoga is the perfect way to balance and enhance your movement-based activity. Expect to use lots of props!

Leave feeling calm, nourished, and restored.

Great for athletes, active recovery, and general well-being.


This class is the perfect way to end your day on the slopes. Enjoy a feel-good class designed to increase your mobility, stability, and overall well-being. May include hip openers, core and spine strength, and other postures that allow you to decompress your mind and body through active recovery!


Leave feeling open, flexible, and strong.  

After class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, enjoy ½ off a glass of wine at the Continental Divide Winery (right next door!) for the ultimate apres experience.


Mat pilates is a core-based exercise method that helps to balance the body and improve posture. Expect a strong emphasis on using deep abdominal muscles for both movement and stability, while attending to proper alignment, breathing, mental focus, flexibility, and overall strength training. Pilates can be beneficial on its own or when used to support a yoga practice, or other physical activity.

Leave feeling focused, agile, and strong in your core!

All levels welcome. Great for yogis, strength-building, and core cultivation.


Yin yoga is a specific style of yoga that focuses on long resting holds and cultivating stillness. This practice uses props to support active stretching of the deep connective tissue and fascia. Yin yoga is great for easing tension and releasing unwanted stress. The perfect complement to more active (yang) yoga classes and lifestyles.

Leave feeling light, lengthened and refreshed.

All levels welcome. Great for athletes, active recovery, and general well-being.

Bhava cYoga Lab

A courage builder! cYoga is a dynamic and challenging style of yoga designed to invoke a sense of courage within practitioners as they attempt more challenging yoga postures. Intelligent sequencing will properly prepare the body for peak postures and students should expect to receive hands-on assists and verbal coaching throughout the class. cYoga challenges and motivates every student regardless of their physical abilities. Expect to try something new, work hard, and have a ton of fun!

Leave feeling strong, fearless, and accomplished. All levels welcome.

Great for seasoned yogis, athletes, and those looking to enhance their knowledge and practice of advanced postures!



Whether you worked all week or enjoyed a week on the slopes, this class is for you! Creative playlists paired with  slow movement + restorative yoga. The movement focus is on hips and hamstrings - the roots of your body - to leave you feeling rejuvenated for the weekend ahead.

Leave feeling rooted + renewed. Good vibes only.

Top It Off: Visit our neighbors, Continental Divide Winery after class for a glass of wine! The perfect way to spend your Friday evening.

cOMmunity CLASS

Come to support Summit County’s newly certified yoga teachers. These teachers are all striving to build their yoga practice and teaching expertise. Come and support them - feedback is always welcome after class.

Class is half price ($10).

All levels welcome.