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Low energy?

Need relief from ailments?

Digestion issues?

Lacking inspiration + motivation?

Tired of eating the same ole' food?

The Spring Cleanse is for you!

This online program, inspired by Ayurveda, is 14 days short and includes step-by-step instructions to successfully detoxify and rejuvenate your body with wholesome foods + a little self care. Learn how to create a sustainable lifestyle to keep you feeling light + inspired throughout the seasons of life. 

Join Jenni Frank, certified Ayurveda Specialist and Leslie Glenn, Self-Care and Wellness Guide for an accessible and uplifting 14-day Spring cleanse.

Phase 1 - Detox 

Slow down. Learn about daily self-care practices. Eliminate heavy foods (sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy, caffeine) that affect your mood and energy levels.

Phase 2 - Purify

Enjoy a week of Khichari - an easy to digest, protein-packed meal that supports detoxification, fat burning, and full spectrum rejuvenation. This is not a restrictive crash diet - it's all about maintaining proper nourishment while cleansing the body of toxins. 

Phase 3 - Rejuvenate

Reintroduce wholesome foods and discover what foods make you feel best. Enjoy new recipes and get re-inspired in your kitchen!

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a centuries-old wellness practice that aligns the body with the rhythms of nature. It is the oldest form of self-care promoting individual health, wellness, and balance. According to Ayurveda, the change of seasons is a critical time to nourish & replenish your body for the season to come.

Benefits of a Spring Cleanse:
Brighten your mood. Reduce fatigue + stagnant toxins. Increase your energy and stamina. Boost your digestion. Purify your skin + complexion. Feel light and inspired.

Your Investment Includes:

  • A detailed cleanse manual with step-by-step instructions, recipes, shopping lists + much more

  • Interactive video clips filled with information

  • A supportive online cleanse community

  • Love notes + inspiration to keep you going


*Limited Time* $249 Sign up with a friend and you both cleanse for $249. Regularly, $179

Please note: you will also be required to purchase additional materials for your cleanse, mainly food. 

Registration closes one week before start date.